Please use the following YouTube to help you setup a new laptop

New Laptop Setup Guide *STEP BY STEP* in English - YouTube


  1. Do Not connect to the WIFI or Internet

  2. Then select "I do not have the Internet" and accept the limited functionality option.

 Please accept all of the default options and then towards the end of the set-up process you will be asked for a username, this is a free choice and you will be required to select a password (write it down if necessary).

 If you have accidently connectted the device to the Internet or forgotten your password please use the following link to complete a factory reset on the device you have borrowed:

 HP 255 Factory Recovery - YouTube

 Now you can connect to the WIFI

Once you finish you will want to install the full-Microsoft Office suite, which requires you to follow these steps:


  1. Log onto the laptop and un-install the Microsoft Office365 -en – us version (see the following YouTube clip
  2. Log onto Office 365 by going to and log on using your school email address and password.
    1. Click on the drop down menu for ‘Install software’ and select ‘Other Install Options’.


  1. Click on “Install Office” and run the setup, however be prepared to wait while it downloads and installs.


  1. Once it has finished installing you will need to register the software using your child’s school email address.

As the system only has a small solid state hard drive you need to be careful about installing software as there is limited memory available. If you install too much software, you will find the system gets slower and may even fail to load.


Satchel One (previously Show My Homework)

  1. It is easier if the you log into SMH by clicking on the "Sign in with Office 365" after you have logged into Office 365.
  2. If you are still struggling click on the "Forgot Password" link on top of the page which requires students to enter their Satchel One registered email (this should be their school email). They will then need to check thier email within Office 365 and look for the email with a link allowing them to reset the password.

If you wish to use Whitecross Remote Access, you will need to follow these instructions:


1. Run a command prompt (run as administrator)


  1. Copy and paste the below command into the window and press return

REG ADD HKLM\Software\Microsoft|Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\CredSSP\Parameters\ /vAllowEncryptionOracle /t REG_DWORD /d 2


No restart will be required, and these steps will allow you to access remote services through the link on the school website.


Live Lessons Teachers will be delivering live sessions with students via Microsoft Teams. Whilst you can run Teams through a web browser, we strongly recommend installing Teams on personal devices. The following link provides full instructions: Installing and using teams